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Brand Capital International’s Neville Taraporewalla and Piyush Puri embark on an exploration of the power of innovation and expansion, the in’s-and-out’s of becoming a strong entrepreneur, and what it takes to break into the fastest growing economy in the world: India.

#thinkIndia, Startup & Founder podcast, features Indian and Silicon Valley influencers like Naveen Jain, Sabeer Bhatia, and Grant Cardone sharing insider knowledge. Here, entrepreneurs learn what it takes for a business to be successful internationally, and how to get there.

Episode 07 ft. Sabeer Bhatia

Imagine… YOU can learn from TOP U.S. universities, while in India–SIMULTANEOUSLY! Sabeer Bhatia, founder of Hotmail, reveals his passion for bringing education to India through nanodegrees, his new venture, Biscuit Labs, and his thoughts on cryptocurrency. #thinkIndia

Episode 06 ft. Nick Mehta

Learn how putting customers FIRST can SKYROCKET your revenue. Gainsight CEO Nick Mehta reveals the power of integrating the Customer Success business model into your company and India as the center of innovation. 


Episode 05 ft. Kendrick Nguyen 

Find out how YOU can invest as little as $10 and make MILLIONS. Republic CEO Kendrick Nguyen recounts why he founded Republic, how it works, and reveals his future endeavors in making the democratization of investing global. 


Episode 04 ft. BV Jagadeesh

Learn how to get your FIRST round of investment as an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley!  BV Jagadeesh, Manager of KAAJ Ventures recounts his journey as a greenhorn in the startup ecosystem and reveals how to appeal to investors as an international entrepreneur. #thinkIndia

Episode 03 ft. Grant Cardone

Invest strategically, and build your own multi-million dollar EMPIRE! Journey with Grant Cardone, from a sales associate to first-rate venture capitalist – and learn about his next move: investing in India. #thinkIndia

Episode 02 ft. Kavita Gupta

Dive into Kavita Gupta’s world of cryptocurrency, investing, and her perspective on India’s resistance to this new currency. PLUS discover the importance of Silicon Valley for Indian entrepreneurs! #thinkIndia

Episode 01 ft. Naveen Jain

Entrepreneur Naveen Jain discusses his next moon-shot idea: eradicating human illness. Learn how you can create your next big idea! #thinkIndia


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