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Catalyzing International Companies For Their Launch In India

San Francisco | New York | Austin | Toronto | Singapore
Brand Capital International will help strategically navigate your journey through India's large consumer base.

Check out a few of our videos to better understand how Brand Capital International can help you create a successful new market.

Expand your growth internationally
Why should you #thinkIndia?

  • Globe Network.svg
    560+ million active internet users

  • Supply Chain.svg
    4x growth in consumer spending by 2030

  • Profit.svg
    $11.3 Trillion in spending power

Why Brand Capital International?
We fundamentally view venture as a services business

  • launching business in india with brand capital
    Our focus

    is on outstanding entrepreneurs destined for international expansion.

  • Centralized Network.svg
    Our power

    comes from the strong channels, platforms, and people we are connected with in India.

  • Business Building.svg
    Our Mission

    is to articulate and establish the best brands in the world’s fastest-growing market.

  • Basilica.svg
    Our Method

    funds visibility in India with incremental or long-term advertisement and branding expertise.

  • Cash Euro.svg
    $4 Billion+ invested by the Brand Capital Group
  • City.svg
    900+ companies across all industries in India and 15+ companies in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia

#thinkIndia Podcast
Startup and Founder Series

Brand Capital International sit down and get personal with top luminaries from Silicon Valley to discuss what it takes to break into a major market, and become the next unicorn.

Featured guests range from Hotmail Founder Sabeer Bhatia, to Innovator Naveen Jain, and even Real-Estate Mogul Grant Cardone, plus many more.


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