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About #ThinkIndia

#ThinkIndia translates the enigmatic Indian consumer economy from a distant dream to an achievable reality. We bring to businesses our diverse network of successful professionals and leaders to equip them with the intellectual capital and industry expertise to scale in India, and subsequently strengthen the Indian startup ecosystem.

Our bespoke 360-degree approach consists of informational reports, interviews, success stories, podcasts, networking events and one-on-one sessions with our advisory council for guidance tailored to fit the needs of each individual business. By connecting businesses with our prominent network, we bring India to global businesses and global business to India.

#ThinkIndia 2021

Whether you are an expert on India, or just learning about the opportunities, we sourced the best panels, speakers and thought leaders who shed light and shared their insights on what it is like to launch in India. In the recordings below you will hear first hand accounts of how companies can capitalize on this vast market opportunity and share why everyone who is looking to expand should, #ThinkIndia.

Watch all of the recordings below and be on the lookout for upcoming #ThinkIndia events!


Neville Taraprewalla shares why #ThinkIndia was created and where it's headed in the future.

Face-to-Face with Tim Draper

Hear from legendary venture capitalist, Tim Draper, as he speaks with Neville Taraporewalla about investing, risk and why he thinks India is a great opportunity.

Entrepreneurial India: Opportunity Beckons

Learn about the evolution of the startup eco-system in India and why India’s start-up ecosystem is an attractive proposition for investors.

Impact Investing

ESG and Impact Investing have gained significant prominence globally. Get the ground level reality and hear from an exciting new ESG market entrant coming into India!

Power of Women

Women are at the forefront of many of the conversations that are happening within the business and cultural communities. Hear from leading women on how they empower themselves and others to create, build and inspire individuals around the globe.

Fireside Chat with Ambassador Dr. T.V. Nagendra Prasad

Neville Taraporewalla will speak with Ambassador Dr. Nagendra Prasad to discuss the current state of India, how the government is supporting entrepreneurs and where he sees the country headed in the next 5 years.