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5 Essential Practices Of Brand Captial International
Brand Capital International helps businesses expand in India.

We are a strategic investment arm of Bennet Colman & Co Ltd and the Times Group, making us the largest media conglomerate in India. Brand Capital International is committed to helping new businesses thrive through capital investments, consultation, and partnerships. Our global business focuses primarily on introducing new companies to the Indian market where they can thrive. We are the experts you can trust, and we are eager to let you know why.

We bring new companies to the Indian market.

With a population of 1.4 billion people, India offers a wide array of potential business opportunities. India is also one of the fastest growing consumer economies in the world and our team recognizes the opportunity to capitalize on this high octane market. As a global company working primarily out of North America, we continually introduce new companies to the Indian market so they can discover new opportunities for growth and development.

We invest more than capital.

Brand Capital International brings new companies to life by supplying them with enough capital to succeed, but we don’t stop there. Our firm takes a special interest in all of our ventures to ensure our partners have the tools they need to thrive in the long term. By providing your company with mentors and industry experts, we ensure that our clients are set up for a successful venture.

We understand that development stage businesses need the proper guidance to grow. Our team has a thorough understanding of the Indian media landscape that gives us a strategic advantage in our pursuits. With the right expertise and proper roadmap to navigate this market, we guarantee that you will land in the right place. When you partner with us, you have expertise and a team you can depend on.

We work globally.

We’re not just a North American company. Brand Capital International works with new companies all over the world and introduces them to the Indian market. It is important to recognize that there are plenty of international opportunities to discover exciting new business ventures that will benefit your growth in the long term. By setting up a strong international foundation during the early stages, your company will be well prepared to grow.

Our #thinkindia initiative.

We’ve pioneered the launch of the #thinkindia campaign to provide access to industry-focused content, experts, legal reports, and other relevant information geared towards helping young companies develop. Our initiative sheds light on the market in India, its advantages, and ultimately why it is the right strategic move.

We Create meaningful connects with people.

Our team is personable, trustworthy, and professional. We believe that strong teamwork is the key to generating the best results. When you work with us, we make sure that we foster a collaborative environment where your company will thrive.

Brand Capital International is committed to cultivating fruitful partnerships and long term success. Deciding to partner with a venture capital firm is a big decision, but we guarantee that it will be a beneficial one. Our partnership will be built on trust, loyalty, and diligence. We are proud to boast a team of highly experienced individuals who are well endowed with industry knowledge. Take a chance on us, and your business will develop into the thriving enterprise you’ve dreamed of it becoming.