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Get to Know Brand Capital International: Investing in India
Brand Capital International investing helps you growth your business within India

Capital is central to investing, but it is only one piece of the investment puzzle. Brand Capital International investing helps your firm complete that puzzle, offering the experience and expertise you need to confidently pursue growth opportunities in India.

We understand that, when it comes to forming a partnership with a venture firm, the decision must not be made entirely on money. Instead, we believe that a strong partnership is formed when each party shares the same vision, trusts one another, and those involved can help each other reach their goals.

Each Brand Capital International team member shares this belief and has the experience needed to not only initiate your growth in India, but to provide the needed and unparalleled support. Here’s how we make it happen.

Why Choose Us for Your India Investment?

Not only do we understand the Indian market and the steps needed to successfully grow your brand, but we have the deep network to do so efficiently. Brand Capital International is the strategic investment arm of Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd. (BCCL) and the Times Group, making us the single largest media conglomerate operating in India. Partnering with us and relying on our size gives your firm a key advantage when expanding within the Indian market.

Our robust domain expertise and understanding of Indian media enables us to direct our knowledge into each investment. Our dedication to treat each investment with the uniqueness and respect it deserves affords our businesses the ability to thrive.

Our expertise and partnerships have given us the privilege of helping some of the globe’s most forethinking firms and entrepreneurs grow their innovative brands. While we can help businesses across virtually all spaces expand into India, our current portfolio includes brands in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Ed-tech
  • Lifestyle
  • Gaming

With unrivaled expertise within the Indian media space and continued partner support, our team has earned the distinction of leaders in the market, helping businesses grow their market share across the whole of India.

Why #ThinkIndia?

With a population of 1.4 billion, India is one of the fastest-growing consumer markets in the world. As part of The Times Group, our unparalleled reach gives us access to more than 700 million Indians each month through digital, print, radio, television, and outdoor ad placements. As India’s population continues to grow, so too do opportunities for reaching new customers—most of whom are aspirational millennials or younger.

India’s young population offers businesses more than 500 million active internet users, making it the second-largest internet user base in the world. Brand Capital International has the experience and knowledge to help your business catch the attention of one of the world’s largest markets.

Choose Growth—Choose Brand Capital International

India offers businesses a massive market for growing their brand—but it can be a challenge to expand within this market without proper guidance and deep knowledge of its intricacies. Brand Capital International investing gives your business the financial and operational guidance it needs to grow your Indian presence with confidence.

When you’re ready to take the first step to accelerate your growth in India, reach out to Brand Capital International. We can help you understand the complexities and benefits of expanding within India, and give you the support and confidence needed to reach your goals.

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